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 inkSMART educational and coding toys

unplugged coding

for the

junior foundation

amaKhodi™ introduces coding as a language

for grR-gr3

with hands-on activities

​Coding boxes:

Orion series nr 1

Alphabet puzzle coding


Step 1 to coding


1.4-step “codes”

2.Find and Match

3.Mat can also be used in later grades for the coding part

4.bi-lingual alphabet puzzle

5.beginner reading

6.picture-/pattern-/shape recognition


8.Hand-eye coordination

160 pieces + 1 mat

Orion series nr 2

Pixelart & Design


Step 2 to coding


1.To design

2.Geometry and spatial orientation






8.Grid reading

9.Mid-line crossing


11.Sort according to colours / shapes

12.Above, below, on top etc.

13.Complete the picture

14.Auditory and visual discrimination


100 chart

290 pieces, 3 mats,

80+ fun activities

Orion series nr 3

Maths / Spelling


Step 3 to coding


1.Learn how to convey your messages/codes

2.“Tender” process

3.multiple letters and numbers

4.“search the word” puzzles

5.memory game

6.guess the missing letter/hangman etc

7.“spider” sums

185 pieces + 4 mats

​Afrikaans & English dolch word books

Saturn series

amaKhodi™ coding

Step 4 to coding


1.Code your way through obstacle courses

2.Colour coded



5.Magnetic, wooden coding blocks

6.No electricity/tablets needed

7.School sets / home sets

8.Starter lessons provided

9.Training  videos available


SACE accredited

  1. Easy to follow

  2. Durable

  3. No electricity or tablets needed

  4. Lessons/training available

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